[PATCH 00 of 31] generic patch queue for 0.9.4

António P. P. Almeida appa at perusio.net
Mon Feb 21 18:01:28 MSK 2011

On 15 Fev 2011 13h33 WET, mdounin at mdounin.ru wrote:

Hello Maxim,

> Hello!
> This is repost of my generic patch queue for nginx.  Most of the 
> included patches were previously posted on mailing lists (nginx@, 
> nginx-ru@, nginx-devel@), though some were largely rewritten since 
> then.
> Most of these patches are independant and may be cherry-picked,
> though some aren't or at least require merging if applied
> separately.

I'm going to build my next 0.9.5 deb with your patches. I'm wondering
if there's a repo from where I can get them as an alternative to
grabbing the patches from the ML?

This way it would be easier to keep them in synch with your work on

I've browsed your Mercurial repo and I can't seem find them. Perhaps they're in
some subdir I didn't check.

--- appa

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