how to receive POST data in handler (stub)

Maxim Uvarov muvarov at
Tue Jul 19 20:46:20 MSD 2011

You have to write your own module (which has some tricks to get hole POST,
refer to echo or lua modules.). Or  use lua module. Somewhere in maillist were
examples how to do it. But on production loads lua can have memory leaks.


2011/7/19 Anatoli Marinov <toli at>:
> Hello colleagues,
> I am wondering is it possible to receive whole post data in a handler
> module? If it possible where I can found the received post data.
> I am writing a module that should be able to remove some files from
> proxy_cache but I want to remove a bundle of them. The list with files will
> be send through POST request.
> Thanks in advance
> A. Marinov
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