how to use my own FD in NGINX

Philippe RAZAVET razavet at
Thu Mar 24 11:37:36 MSK 2011


I plan to use NGINX HTTP server on Linux, it uses epoll event loop.

I want to develop a NGINX proxy module using File Descriptors of my
own (not TCP socket) to forward the requests to a back-end service, and 
let NGINX adds those FDs in his epoll FD set, to handle the responses.

What are the steps to achieve this goal ? (I suppose it is much work
than a simple proxy module, maybe involving upstream and event module 
development ?)

Should I give up hacking NGINX event loop, and make my own event loop to 
manage my File Descriptors in a back-end process ? (actually, this is 
the way I go for now)

Philippe Razavet

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