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Woon Wai Keen doubleukay at
Thu Sep 22 21:10:02 UTC 2011

I finally realize my Age method is vulnerable to clock skew as it is 
calculated from the upstream Date. There seems to be no way to get the 
date/time that the original request was made to the origin. The closest 
is the cached file's mtime, but this represents the time that the 
request finished, not the start.

On 2010-06-09 1:47 PM, Woon Wai Keen wrote:
> Hi all, I would like to contribute a patch to provide the cached file 
> age as a variable $proxy_cache_age , which can then be used together 
> with add_header Age $proxy_cache_age.
> The age calculation is not RFC2616 compliant (13.2.3) as it doesn't 
> take into consideration the cached origin Age header and Date. Is it 
> feasible to extract this from the cached headers?
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