SPDY loading small pages slower than larger pages

steve willing eiji-gravion at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 6 18:03:38 UTC 2012

As the subject says, when I test on my own local SPDY setup and others on the internet, I've noticed that while larger pages do indeed load faster if there are a lot of elements, small pages load slower than without SPDY and even slower than those larger pages.
Here are a few examples of SPDY capable sites that I have been able to reproduce this on.
larger page:https://test.wowmetacheck.com/
smaller page:https://test.wowmetacheck.com/a
larger page:https://bugsnag.com/
smaller page:https://bugsnag.com/x
I would think any nginx based SPDY setup could reproduce this.

To see the best results, try loading the larger and smaller pages and compare how long it takes, cached and non-cached.
You can also disable SPDY and see how much faster the smaller pages are than with SPDY.

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