SPDY increasing size of pages

Tom van der Woerdt info at tvdw.eu
Wed Aug 8 10:14:07 UTC 2012

Quick tests show that my 805 byte file became a 813 byte response, which 
seems consistent with the 8 byte header of a DATA frame.

Question: do we really need to include that into the size? Just like the 
response headers aren't counted, why should the protocol overhead be 

Note: after refreshing the server responded with a 304 Not Modified but 
it did log it as 813 bytes. Once I disabled SPDY, it logged a 0-byte 
response. Both responses came without a content-length header so I am 
assuming that the server didn't actually send a response body and this 
too is a counting issue.


Op 8/8/12 11:54 AM, Valentin V. Bartenev schreef:
> On Wednesday 08 August 2012 12:08:15 steve willing wrote:
>> I applied the new patch and while the values are not quite as inaccurate,
>> they are still wrong.
> What do you mean by "wrong"? Could you clarify it a bit?
> Please note that the SPDY protocol adds overhead on data transfer, and values
> such as $body_bytes_sent and $bytes_sent will always be slightly larger with
> SPDY then the actual size of your files. TLS also adds even more overhead but
> there's no way to count it.
>   wbr, Valentin V. Bartenev
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