How about support "long string" in config

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Fri Dec 7 09:01:50 UTC 2012


Currently nginx support only string in double quote and single quote,
how about add support for long string just like lua do ( ).
then we can put everything we like in config file.

Also, we can support the long comment. and then we can comment block of
configure temperately.

Append the long string description here:

Strings can also be defined using a long format enclosed by *long brackets*.
We define an *opening long bracket of level n* as an opening square bracket
followed by *n* equal signs followed by another opening square bracket. So,
an opening long bracket of level 0 is written as [[, an opening long
bracket of level 1 is written as [=[, and so on. A *closing long bracket* is
defined similarly; for instance, a closing long bracket of level 4 is
written as ]====]. A long string starts with an opening long bracket of any
level and ends at the first closing long bracket of the same level.
Literals in this bracketed form can run for several lines, do not interpret
any escape sequences, and ignore long brackets of any other level. They can
contain anything except a closing bracket of the proper level.

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