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Gad Hayisraeli gadh98 at
Tue Dec 18 15:27:34 UTC 2012

I'm developing a module that uses a handler module and header+body filter
at my handler phase (registered in the nginx rewrite phase) i stop the
request (return NGX_OK), then issue a subrequest to another server, get the
result back (hook function), then continue to the header+body filter,
change the headers + body and calls the next filters accordingly.
also, the subrequest runs thru a proxy , here's the relevant conf lines:
keepalive_timeout  65;
gzip  on;
proxy_http_version  1.1;
worker_connections  1024;

 location / { // this location is where the ab tries to get (see below the
ab test)
        include <my module conf>
        proxy_pass http://server

        location /def1 { // this is the subrequest uri
        proxy_buffers           8 128k;
        proxy_buffer_size       128k;
        proxy_busy_buffers_size 128k;

        proxy_pass              http://server2/page.php // another nginx
runs fastcgi

all works fine, untill i run an "ab" test against my nginx (10/12 workers)
that runs on a multi-core, heavy duty linux server, and here's my ab line:
ab -c 50 -n 20000 http://...myserver...
the actual rate is ~1000 requests per second, very high...

but almost exactly after 18500-18600 reuests (that ran smoothly without any
errors, debug level INFO with printouts of my own) - the nginx hangs - not
stuck - since i see in debug level "debug" its epoll loop runing ok, but
not recv nor proceesing any other requests although they continue to come
from my ab test

the stuck occurs right after the last (~18600) subrequest has been sent to
the server (def1)

any suggestions please ?


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