[PATCH] HttpXsltModule files relative to location root

SamB ja.nginx at mailnull.com
Mon Jan 2 22:24:04 UTC 2012

  I've made a (relatively) simple patch for HttpXsltModule, that adds 2 new
config directives and slightly modifies the xslt parsing process in

  xslt_use_root - enables new xslt file location mode. If enabled
non-absolute filenames are being located relatively to root location (if
root defined without variables), and not relatively to nginx work
directory. To achieve this xslt file parsing has been moved from directive
processing routine, to merge routine and file location has been extended
This makes xslt files deploying easier, especially when deploying beta
files (in testing) to production site. Before it has been necessary to
modify file paths to match production site config, including modification
of xslt include/import directives urls, after enabling it, simple file copy
+ nginx restart is enough.

  xslt_stylesheet_param - this is equivalent of xslt parameter passed to
xslt_stylesheet, but this works independently and globally. Implemented as
configuration directive processing, location parameters merging, and
finally xslt stylesheet parameters merging.
Again, xslt configuration is a bit simpler because 'common' xslt variables
don't need to be configured for each xslt_stylesheet, but can be defined
globally as needed.

 Comments, and suggestion are welcomed.

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