Client disconnects

J.Q. S. q2011oct at
Mon Jan 23 06:20:42 UTC 2012

Apologies for the resend, I last sent this during the holidays which
was bad timing on my part.

I've been working on a module to submit web requests to a backend
server over UDP, and its been a good exercise in working with nginx

I could use some advice on dealing with client disconnects -  using
the proxy/upstream modules as models I see
ngx_http_upstream_rd_check_broken_connection and
ngx_http_upstream_wr_check_broken_connection being set as event
handlers for the client connection, but I don't see the handlers put
back or the original handlers being called. Wouldn't this interfere
with keep-alive behavior on the client connection? I don't understand
how this works completely.

Are there other considerations I need to make when dealing with client
disconnects? Anything I should do or avoid doing?

All help appreciated!

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