Module development question regarding ngx_http_get_module_loc_conf

Aaron Bedra aaron.bedra at
Wed Jul 11 20:06:33 UTC 2012


I have been banging my head against the wall trying to figure this out. The
full code to my module is at It is
obviously still a work in progress, but I'm stuck. I'm trying to add an
argument to my directive. I have read the guides and looked at other
modules and everyone seems to say to do the same thing.

Basically, when I call

rlcf = ngx_http_get_module_loc_conf(r, ngx_http_repsheet_module);

the values set in ngx_http_repsheet aren't there anymore. I have confirmed
that they are getting set in via gdb. I'm guessing that I am forgetting to
do something or have overlooked something stupid here, but I just can't
seem to find it. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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