Parsing Variables to access them in a custom module

Prudhvi Krishna Surapaneni me at
Thu Jun 7 01:42:57 UTC 2012

Hi All,
	I am trying to write a module that needs to consume the regex matched
	variables like $1 and $2 and pass them as values to the module.

	Here is what i am trying to do

	/* -- CONFIG -- */
			location ~ /foo/([a-zA-Z0-9]+)/bar/([0-9]+) {
				my_module_first $1;
				my_module_second $2;
	/* -- CONFIG -- */

	Inside my module i have defined them as follows.

	/* -- CODE -- */

		typedef stuct {
			ngx_str_t my_module_first;
			ngx_str_t my_module_second;
		} ngx_http_my_module_loc_conf_t

    /* -- CODE -- */

	When trying to access the values from those variables i get the
	value $1 and $2 instead of the substitution. What am i missing?.

	Are these variables only availble for the rewrite module?.

Prudhvi Krishna Surapaneni.
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