How to identify correct requirement of number of worker process ?

Vladimir Shebordaev vshebordaev at
Sat Jun 9 14:09:34 UTC 2012


2012/6/9 vivek goel <goelvivek2011 at>:
> I want to identify the correct setting for nginx worker count.
> on my server I am serving big static files and io read is slow.
> Is there a way I can identify that all nginx worker process are busy in
> doing work and I should increase number of nginx worker?

Would you please elaborate on your setup? Do you make use of
async/direct IO, cached files or whatever? If you do and still
experience slow io, you'd better upgrade your hardware. Anyways,
increasing number of worker threads over recommended number of CPUs is
not an option, since you are definitely io-bound.

> regards
> Vivek Goel

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