Regarding rewrite

Fasih faskiri.devel at
Sat Jun 23 07:00:16 UTC 2012

Hello all

I have a usecase for a server rewrite, what I essentially want to do
is have a common domain like serve some contents
for specific domains like, etc. for some specific
url pattern.

For instance: should basically be rewritten to
zone1/asset. Now zone1 has its own server section with /asset

I tried using rewrite module and realized it doesnt seem to handle the
usecase I have.

I created a plugin with NGX_HTTP_SERVER_REWRITE_PHASE expecting that
if I rewrite request.headers_in.server here, nginx would set the
srv_conf to zone1 and evaluate location config accordingly. But this
doesnt seem to work either, nginx seems to handle these cases with a
301 redirect instead.

For now I have configured my system to not use and
instead have which uses the same set of location
config as however what I failed to understand was, why is
server rewriting not allowed, or if it is allowed, how do I use it.

Thank you for your patience

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