Attempting to write a plugin

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Sat Mar 17 00:11:22 UTC 2012

Thanks for the reply Mike

I've been using strace to watch the progress of execution but that didn't help, I'm not sure how much gdb will help me (it's one of those tools that needs a manual of it's own).

I was kinda hoping someone who knew more about the specifics of nginx dev would take one glance and call me an idiot for not knowing X or Y specific thing and pointing the error out to me :D

I'll have a poke at it with GDB but I don't hold my breath :D

> I'm new to nginx myself, so I can't offer much nginx specific advice.
> Are you familiar with the GDB debugger? It's very helpful for debugging
> segfaults. The nginx core module also has some useful directives that help
> with debugging, such as daemon and debug_points.
> I only mention these basic tips because you said C isn't one of your strong
> languages.
> Cheers,
> Mike Gagnon

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