Nginx module development practice with blocking call

António P. P. Almeida appa at
Mon May 14 19:47:54 UTC 2012

On 14 Mai 2012 13h21 CEST, goelvivek2011 at wrote:

> I am writing nginx module which uses sqlite to do some read
> operation. As sqlite read doesn't support non-blocking
> call(according to my knowledge).  What will be best solution to
> integrate it with nginx.  I am accepting near about 200 at the same
> time. One request takes near about 200 ms to process. What method
> will be the best implementation using nginx:
> 1. Increasing nginx worker process count to 50-200. So I will having
> enough worker to accept client request.  My concern it that will it
> increasing connecting time of a user on next request as there will
> be less chances that same user will be served by same nginx worker
> process.
> 2. Doing te read in a thread and using nginx event based api to send
> response. So I can handle multiple client using only two or one worker
> process.
> 3. Moving my code to fastcgi and using nginx fastcgi module to
> communicate with .
> What will be the best solution for this implementation ?

I suggest you use the Lua module and speak to the SQLite DB through
Lua's sqlite driver.

Just an idea,

--- appa

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