Request are getting assigned to same worker

Vivek Goel goelvivek2011 at
Wed Nov 21 17:00:53 UTC 2012

My setup description is:
1. I have one fastcgi module
2. I have one location module.
3. I am running nginx with 20 worker process.

Location module don't use upstream method so it is blocking call. It takes
near about 100ms-1 sec to give a response.

According to nginx logs sometime fastcgi request is taking lot of time to
give response but actually fastcgi request is finishing soon according to
fastcgi logs.

What I am thinking problem is,Same worker is handling  fastcgi and location
request, due to blocking nature of location handler response of fastcgi is
waiting to be served?
Is there a way I can avoid this condition without replacing the module?

   1. Reserving one worker to server only fastcgi request?
   2. Using round robin worker assignment to avoid such condition.

Vivek Goel
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