Embedding third party library in nginx module

Vivek Goel goelvivek2011 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 17:51:18 UTC 2012

I have one third party library which I want to integrate into nginx.

What I am planning to use ngx_event  to wait to finish callback of third
party library.
But according to my knowledge ngx_event works only for file descriptor. Is
there a way I can signal that event is completed?

Second question is:
But according to "thumbextractor-module" it is not recommended to use
thread inside. My third party library uses thread for processing. Can it
create some issue?


*By default ImageMagick uses OpenMP to process images in threads.
I recommend to configure/compile ImageMagick using the option
—disable-openmp since that is not a good idea use threads inside workers.*


Vivek Goel
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