Sharing data when download the same object from upstream

Alex Garzão alex.garzao at
Fri Aug 30 19:05:10 UTC 2013

Hello Mathew,

> This is an interesting idea, while I don't see it being all that useful for
> most applications there are some that could really benefit (large file
> proxying first comes to mind). If it could be achieved without introducing
> too much of a CPU overhead in keeping track of the requests & available
> parts it would be quite interesting.

I think that this idea is valid only for large files. And about CPU
overhead, I has this in my mind. I think that with hints of
nginx-devel, I can address this.

> I would like to see an option to supply a minimum size to restrict this
> feature too (either by after x bytes are passed add to map/rbtree whatever
> or based off content-length).

I agree. But I have not tried to solve it yet.


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