Filter insertion and ordering

Nick Kew niq at
Tue Jan 15 10:35:15 UTC 2013

On 8 Jan 2013, at 13:52, Maxim Dounin wrote:

> Filter ordering is determinded during configure - config script of 
> your module should place it into appropriate list, usually 
> HTTP_AUX_FILTER_MODULES.  Your symptoms suggests you've added your 
> filter module into HTTP_MODULES list instead.

Thanks.  Yes, that was of course the problem.

I guess control of my ordering relative to other modules isn't available?

It seems my module's handlers for request phases are perfectly
fine compiled with HTTP_AUX_FILTER_MODULES, too.
Is that right, or am I setting myself up for trouble that has just
yet to bite?

Nick Kew

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