Proxy module without waiting for a reply

danfiala at danfiala at
Sun Jun 9 09:21:39 UTC 2013

Hi all,
I need to implement nginx module that does the following:
* It receives http get requests.
* For every request it sends information about the request over TCP packet
to another server.
* When data are send it generates some trivial HTTP reply. The another
server does not sent any reply to the module.

I studied source code of other modules and some tutorials and it seems that
I should implement upstream (proxy) module. But I would like to achieve the
* Module does generate the reply just after data are sent to another
server. It does not wait for any reply from another server.
* Socket to another server remains open among requests and is reused for
subsequent requests.

Is this possible and is implementation of upstream module the right way?

Kind regards,

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