[ANN] Test::Nginx 0.22 released

agentzh agentzh at gmail.com
Mon Jun 10 22:37:09 UTC 2013

Hello guys!

I've just uploaded Test::Nginx 0.22 to CPAN:


It will appear on the CPAN mirror near you in the next few hours or so.

Special thanks go to all our contributors and users :)

Here's the complete change log for this release (compared to the last
CPAN release, 0.21):

 *   feature: added new sections --- abort and --- shutdown to test
     premature client abortions.

 *   feature: implemented new section "---

 *   feature: added support for custom http_config filters for

 *   feature: now we automatically check [alert] and [crit] messages
     in the nginx error logs and print them as warnings if they do
     not appear in either --- error_log or --- no_error_log.

 *   feature: added new section "--- stap_out_unlike" for testing
     patterns which should not appear in the output systemtap.

 *   feature: added support for the special notation "$LIBPCRE_PATH"
     within --- stap, which is always substituted by the absolute
     path to libpcre used by the current nginx.

 *   feature: now we check if the nginx process is gone in the "check
     leak" testing mode (i.e., when TEST_NGINX_CHECK_LEAK=1).

 *   feature: added new section "--- skip_eval: <subtest-count>
     <perl-code>" for skipping tests according to the running result
     of a piece of Perl code.

 *   feature: now we allow a (unix domain) socket file path specified
     in the "--- udp_listen" directive value.

 *   feature: in --- stap values, now we support the notation
     "F(func at file)".

 *   feature: made the environment TEST_NGINX_SERVER_PORT always take
     the value so that the test cases can always reference it.

 *   feature: added new section "--- wait" to always wait a specified
     amount of time before checking the systemtap outputs and/or
     error logs (if any).

 *   bugfix: no longer retry connecting to the nginx server when the
     child process running nginx is already gone.

 *   bugfix: no longer bail out the up to 3 test cases fail all their
     connecting attempts.

 *   bugfix: TEST_NGINX_USE_HUP=1 could not work with

 *   bugfix: the output of systemtap took the value undef when it was
     in fact empty.

 *   bugfix: protect against division by zero in the "check leak"
     testing mode.

 *   bugfix: disabled the test report ending when failing to parse
     chunked response body because the test count is surely out of

 *   bugfix: the code that searches executables in the PATH
     environment would always look up the current working directory
     first and might pick up an executable directory with the same

 *   bugfix: conflicting testing modes may conflict together.

 *   bugfix: added File::Path 2.06_05 as a minimum requirement.
     thanks Andreas J. König for reporting this issue.

 *   bugfix: pass --show-possibly-lost=no to valgrind by default
     because nginx makes clever use of pointers almost everywhere.

 *   bugfix: when --- abort was not specified, http client timeout
     was not treated as a subtest failure as specified.

 *   bugfix: the child process running ab or weighttp might not be
     reaped in extreme conditions.

 *   bugfix: we did not close STDOUT and STDERR in the child
     processes forked, which could confuse the "prove" harness and
     lead to hang.

 *   optimize: disabled the access log altogether in the "check leak"
     testing mode.

 *   docs: documented the TEST_NGINX_NO_CLEAN environment.

 *   docs: fixed a small issue in the code sample. thanks smallfish.

This Perl module provides a test scaffold based on IO::Socket or LWP
for automated testing in Nginx C module or ngx_lua-based Lua library

This class inherits from Test::Base, thus bringing all its declarative
power to the NginxC module testing practices.

Please check out the full documentation on CPAN:


All of our Nginx modules (as well as our lua-resty-* libraries) are
using Test::Nginx to drive their test suites. And it is also driving
my test cluster running on Amazon EC2:


Please note that this module is completely different from the
Test::Nginx module created by Maxim Dounin.

The git repository for this Perl module is hosted on GitHub:



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