SPDY: question about PING

Yury Kirpichev ykirpichev at gmail.com
Wed Jun 19 11:33:13 UTC 2013

Hello Nginx Developers,

I have a question about how SPDY PING message is handled by current nginx

>From source code of function ngx_http_spdy_state_ping I can find that PING
frame is queued like:

    buf->last = p;

    ngx_http_spdy_queue_frame(sc, frame);

    pos += NGX_SPDY_PING_SIZE;

    return ngx_http_spdy_state_complete(sc, pos, end);

But I can not find the code where PING frame is sent to network.
(The same is for RST, SETTINGS).
(Like there is no call to ngx_http_spdy_send_output_queue function)

So, my question is when such frames will be actually sent?

BR/ Yury
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