build failed on Linux with x32 ABI

Serguei I. Ivantsov manowar at
Mon Jun 24 13:01:24 UTC 2013


Nginx failed to build on Linux with x32 ABI.

>In file included from /usr/include/sys/sysctl.h:63:0,
>                 from src/os/unix/ngx_linux_config.h:54,
>                 from src/core/ngx_config.h:26,
>                 from src/core/nginx.c:8:
>/usr/include/bits/sysctl.h:19:3: error: #error "sysctl system call is
>unsupported in x32 kernel"
> # error "sysctl system call is unsupported in x32 kernel"

sysctl() is only used within RTSIG module, but included anyway in

Please find the patch attached to address the issue.

 Serguei I. Ivantsov
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