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Fri Nov 1 14:25:06 UTC 2013


On Fri, Nov 01, 2013 at 12:09:08PM +0000, Rob Stradling wrote:

> On 01/11/13 10:46, Maxim Dounin wrote:
> <snip>
> >>I'm afraid it's a much larger patch than I anticipated it would be
> >>when I started working on it!
> >>
> >>Maxim, does this patch look commit-able?
> Maxim, thanks for your initial comments.
> >It looks like it needs to be broken down into a patch series to
> >be at least reviewable.
> I thought you might say that.  Is it acceptable for there to be
> compilation errors if you only apply some of the patches in a patch
> series?  (I was assuming that would be unacceptable, hence the one
> large patch).

Each patch is expected to make sense by it's own, and shouldn't 
break anything previously working, including compilation (but may 
do e.g. otherwise unneeded and/or strange refactoring, or provide 
some incomplete functionality).

> >I haven't looked into details yet, but I tend to dislike at least
> >changing the ngx_ssl_certificate() function into a monster which
> >configures everything.  Preserving a separate call to configure
> >stapling would be much better.
> I had hoped to keep those calls separate, but I couldn't see a clean
> way to keep track of multiple server certs plus associated issuer
> certs inbetween the calls to ngx_ssl_certificate() and
> ngx_ssl_stapling().
> By combining the certificate configuration and stapling
> configuration functions, I made this problem go away.
> To preserve ngx_ssl_certificate() and ngx_ssl_stapling() as separate
> functions, I think I'd have to:
>   - change ngx_ssl_certificate_index to keep an array (either
> ngx_array_t or STACK_OF) of server certs.
>   - have ngx_ssl_certificate() put all of the intermediate CA
> certificates it encounters into a temporary cert store; have
> ngx_ssl_stapling() look in this temporary cert store for issuer
> certificates; then destroy the temporary cert store.
> Would that be preferable?  Or do you have any better ideas?

Given the number of things we have to store here and there, I tend 
to think we should eventually just add an index with some generic 
pointer to a struct with our data.

To minimize changes in this particular case, using an array is 
probably good enough.

> >Checks for extra ceritifcate chains with unsupported OpenSSL
> >versions looks a bit too extensive.  I would think of just
> >dropping them completely.
> OK, (assuming you mean drop the checks, rather than drop support for
> those OpenSSL versions!)

Yes, I mean to drop checks.

Maxim Dounin

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