Question about asynchronous filter_header/body

Fasih faskiri.devel at
Tue Nov 5 07:50:03 UTC 2013


I want to have a filter header/body that makes an asynchronous call. On
success, a completion handler is called. The result of this completion
handler decides the output of filter header/body. I understand subrequest
can be used to do this. But are there alternatives to this?

Lets say, I want to filter the body of the response to uppercase the body
after 10 secs, how do I do that?

This is what I tried:
1. In the body filter, create a timer, set the handler to my function, and
return NGX_DONE
2. In the handler, I call the next_body_filter

This works but there are edgecases that I am not sure how to handle, e.g.
how to handle errors from next_body_filter, (specifically NGX_AGAIN) and so
on. Pointers will be greatly appreciated.

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