pls. help for adding another parameter to ngx_upstream_server

moto kawasaki moto at
Wed Nov 27 02:05:53 UTC 2013

Dear Mr. Dounin,

I am sorry I didn't recognise suggestion about proxy_bind. Very sorry.
I will try.

Thank you very much!

moto kawasaki

mdounin> Why you are trying to do this with a balancer module?  You won't 
mdounin> be able to do this with a balancer module anyway, as you'll have 
mdounin> to call setsockopt() on a socket after it's created but before the 
mdounin> connect() is called, which is only possible with modifications to 
mdounin> ngx_event_connect_peer().
mdounin> Try following proxy_bind implementation as already suggested.
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