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Thu Oct 24 15:01:29 UTC 2013

Good day,
all nginx’s developers.
There are
task module development for nginx.
receipt of the request, permitting it, we forward the request to the backend
(e.g.  other web-server) using the modified module
(ngx_http_proxy_module). Upon receipt the response from the server, we need to
modify the response (buffers chunks) and send it to frontend (e.g. browser). We
have tried to connect to the stream via:
-    u->pipe->input_filter;
-    r->upstream->pipe->input_filter.
But but did
not get the desired result.
How to
solve this problem? How to we need to connect to the processing chain: as a
module-handler, filter-module?
We look
forward to any help. Thanks in advance.
Best regards, Edelkin Dmitry, the developer
(Department of Applied Systems, ext. tel. 1624)
Russian Federation, Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan
city, group of companies «CENTER»
telephone number: +7 (843) 533 88 00
e-mail:  edelkin at
edelkin.dmitr y
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