[BUG] Gunzip module may cause requests to hang

Aviram Cohen aviram at adallom.com
Mon Oct 28 16:53:21 UTC 2013


I have encountered the following possible bug in Nginx -
When using the proxy_pass directive along with 'gunzip on;' in the same
location, if replies from the remote server are empty but contain the
header 'Content-Encoding: gzip', the request hangs (the worker process
doesn't get stuck and can still serve other requests).

This was reproduced in v1.4.3.

If anyone can verify the problem and suggest a patch to solve the issue,
that would be great.


Aviram Cohen, R&D
Adallom, 1 Ha'Barzel st., Tel-Aviv, Israel
Mobile: +972 (54) 5833508
aviram at adallom.com, www.adallom.com
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