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Wed Aug 20 20:13:19 UTC 2014

Hi Richard,
I am also new to nginx development and the best resource, so far are:

I met a guy, Wandenberg Peixoto ( who has
been an invaluable help.

I called my first module "do_nothing" and it was challenging enough.
Although the blog post is written in Portuguese, the source code is
documented in english:

I have a few months of nginx development experience but I had already fight
big challenges with some nginx stuffs. If you have any questions and if you
think I can help you, drop me a line by email.
 On Aug 20, 2014 6:53 PM, "Richard Fussenegger, BSc" <
richard at> wrote:

> Hi!
> I'd like to start working on the nginx source. I know my way around in C
> (although I'm not a crack at all) but I'm totally new to nginx. Do you have
> some starting points that would help a new developer to understand how
> things work?
> - Coding standards (already noticed an 80 character hard limit)?
> - Preferred OS (FreeBSD, or is Debian good enough)?
> - Any other good tips or articles to help one get started?
> I searched the Internet but wasn't able to find anything that would help,
> so I decided to turn to the mailing list. I'm sorry if this question is
> redundant.
> Thanks in advance
> Richard
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