Support of IMAP ID command in mail proxy module?

Filipe Da Silva fdasilvayy at
Mon Jan 6 06:49:20 UTC 2014


It seems that some people already made requests about this:
 - imap proxy and untagged commands:
- How do I send an ID command (IMAP) in the mail module? :

It's not a large feature to implement, IMHO, depending how it will be


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>    3. Support of IMAP ID command in mail proxy module? (Michael Kliewe)
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> Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2013 17:38:09 +0100
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> Subject: Support of IMAP ID command in mail proxy module?
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> Hello,
> I'm using the mail module of nginx to proxy and loadbalance IMAP+POP3
> connections to backend servers. I do authentication via http authentication.
> Some Clients are sending IMAP ID commands to the server with information
> about their software and version. I would like to log that and maybe use
> that during authentication. It would be great if nginx would support
> that command, and if it has been sent before LOGIN, also provide the
> information to the http authentication script.
> IMAP ID can be found in RFC 2971:
> The information about the client could be used to route the user to a
> specific backend server that has some client-specific IMAP bug fixes in
> place, or could be used to restrict logins of a specific user to only
> one specific client if the user wants that for slightly higher security,
> or for a list of "last activity of the user" like GMail does, or just
> for client statistics.
> I'm not a C programmer, so sadly I cannot write a patch myself for this,
> but maybe someone is able to add this small feature?
> Thanks
> Michael

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