nginx size after including openssl

Indtiny S indtiny at
Sat Jan 18 04:58:02 UTC 2014


I need to compile nginx with openssl , I am able to compile the nginx with
ssl using the steps given in the .

it compiles well , but only the problem I am facing its size , i.e nginx
binary coming to almost 6MB .

Since I have to run the nginx on the embedded target , I tried cross
compiling with for arm based board . I am to cross compile and the size is
coming to 1.3MB for the target.

If I disable openssl and compile its coming to 400KB , I think nginx is
statically linking the openssl .

if so how to dynamically include the openssl to nginx , because my target
libs already has the support for crypto and ssl libs. I tried all the
option but could not succeeded .

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