couple questions regarding log phase handlers

bsfranks at bsfranks at
Mon Jul 7 20:49:17 UTC 2014

In the log phase, what is the best way to determine if the client had
prematurely closed or aborted the request connection?  To check
r->connection->error and look for HTTP_BAD_REQUEST someplace?  Or possibly
check one of the members of the connection read or write structs?

Also, is the log phase resumable?  It looks like all the log phase handlers
are looped through in
ngx_http_log_request() called from ngx_http_free_request().  However,
return codes are not checked.  Was hoping for a way to return NGX_AGAIN
from within the log phase so that it could be resumable rather than
blocking.  Possible?  If not possible from within log phase, is there
another phase or output filter location that takes place after content
phase or content handlers have completed that is non-blocking and resumable?

Thank you!
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