handler before proxy-pass

Donatas Abraitis donatas.abraitis at gmail.com
Thu May 29 12:05:15 UTC 2014


I want to add a custom 'handler', which would update ngx_os_argv[0] on
request. It should be like this:

root     18601  0.0  0.0  62272  3812 ?        Ss   07:00   0:00 nginx:
master process /opt/nginx/bin/nginx -c /opt/nginx/etc/nginx.conf
web      18602  0.0  0.0  70372  7904 ?        S    07:00   0:00  \_ [test.domain.com] GET /ok.php HTTP/1.1??Host

It works if using only nginx for static content, but if having proxy_pass
in location directive it doesn't work.

Code snippet is like this:

   sprintf(title, "%s [%s] %s", r->connection->addr_text.data,
r->headers_in.server.data, r->request_line.data);
   memcpy(ngx_os_argv[0], title, MAXBUF);
   return NGX_DECLINED;

Question is, how to solve this problem to update ngx_os_argv[0] if using
together with proxy_pass? Seems it bypass my 'handler' if using proxy_pass.
Maybe there is some kind of sequence of loading modules?

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