SIGHUP and ngx_module_t

Donatas Abraitis donatas.abraitis at
Tue Oct 28 06:30:15 UTC 2014


is it true, that SIGHUP is not handled by ngx_module_t /* exit process */ ?

I mean if I have these defined:

    ngx_http_modsecurity_terminate, /* exit process */
    ngx_http_modsecurity_terminate, /* exit master */

So, sending SIGHUP to the master it doesn't call the
ngx_http_modsecurity_terminate(). If sending SIGTERM it does. How is it for

If I send SIGHUP to the parent I get only:
  Program received signal SIGHUP, Hangup.

If I send SIGTERM to the parent I get what I'm expected to get to SIGHUP as

#0  modsecTerminate () at api.c:237
No locals.

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