nginx 1.9.4 + http/2 alpha patch -- encoding headers over HTTP/2 ?

PGNd dev at
Fri Aug 21 22:07:44 UTC 2015

I've built/installed nginx 1.9.4 with the http/2 alpha patch

	Installing the HTTP/2 Patch

It's up & running; the detector plugins report HTTP/2 is 'active'.

An old SPDY issue

had dealt with encoding headers not being set over SPDY.  A workaround had been suggested,

	map $spdy $spdy_ae {
	   default $http_accept_encoding;
	   2 "gzip, deflate";

	proxy_set_header Accept-Encoding $spdy_ae;

A fix was promised.  I assume it's been done; I haven't yet found the commit that did.

Is this an issue still, or newly revisited, with HTTP/2, needing some similar workaround?  Or has it been resolved, for SPDY &/or HTTP/2, and can be safely ignored?

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