Nginx Proxy redirect to clients when upstreams are busy

Prasanna Khanapur pskhanapur at
Fri Dec 11 11:52:23 UTC 2015


I have built a custom load balancer "my_loadbalancer" which load balances
request from end users.

-Ignore any syntax errors, if any-

upstream myservers {
  server abc123;
  server  pqr123;

location XYZ {
      proxy_pass http://myservers <http://abcdservers> ;

I have basically followed Emiller's Guide to get all this working.
"my_loadbalancer" loadbalances upstreams based on some conditions. Right
now, loadbalancer's  "get_peer" function returns
(1) NGX_OK  when it successfully finds upstream
(2) NGX_BUSY when it fails to find upstream.

In above case (1) works fine and client gets response and case (2)  works
fine, loadbalancer sends the client a 502 Bad Gateway.

Now I want to do something more where I need help.
In case (2),  instead of sending a 502, I would like loadbalancer to send a
redirect (either 301 or 302, not decided yet) so that client gets a
redirect and connects to completely different Loadbalancer.

I'm looking at ngx_http_upstream_connect() in ngx_http_upstream.c where
return from loadbalancer is handled. I dont see a simple way to make it
generate redirect  response.

I want to do this programtically because the different loadbalancer
instance which I want the client should connect to(indicated through
redirect) is decided on the fly.

Anyone has any inputs/suggestions ? Thanks!

Best Regards
Prasanna Khanapur
Oslo, Norway
Mobile: +4795417774
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