Create a file in the server using nginx

Prasanna Khanapur pskhanapur at
Sun Dec 20 22:08:56 UTC 2015

I have Nginx running on a Server named ServerS. I have some
backend(upstream) servers B1,B2 etc which server S is proxying( load
balancing). Just to give you a complete picture, may be not relevant to the
question I'm asking.

I want to test ServerS by sending some commands (in the form of a file) to
the ServerS system through Nginx.  I'm planning to do it by for example
curl doing a post to Nginx to create a file which I'm sending through curl
post. Nginx basically saves this file in some directory path which my
application reads this file periodically and performs some action based on
the content of the file.

Probably I can use REST library etc but I don't want to burden myself using
it as I can acheive the same by creating a file in the server using Nginx.

In summary, curl should a post/put a file and Nginx should save it in a
directory. Is this possible?

Any suggestions?

Best Regards
Prasanna Khanapur
Oslo, Norway
Mobile: +4795417774
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