Workaround of race condition between systemd and nginx.

Gena Makhomed gmm at
Wed Dec 30 17:44:30 UTC 2015

On 30.12.2015 19:08, Jim Popovitch wrote:

>> Do you know how nginx and systemd work right now?
>> You understand race condition between nginx and systemd?

> I understand nginx, systemd, and race conditions.  I understand why
> *you* have a race condition, and I understand why I do not have a race
> condition.

And you want to tell this "mantra" to all OpenVZ / CentOS 7.2 users?

>> You say, what nginx should work fine if no network available,

> Yes, or even if only localhost (lo) exists.

lo exists.

nginx startup failed.

logs - see in previous messages.

> BTW, you can read about how openvpn handled this very issue

You can provide patch with solution?

If you can't - can you please stop flame war against my patch?

>> I say what nginx *must* work fine if network *IS* available.

> It does  it currently works if the network IS or ISNT available, and
> all possibilities in-between.


nginx config is valid.

logs - see in previous messages.

>> So, I need create my own fork, for example, nginx-fixed,
>> which I can use with OpenVZ and CentOS 7.2 templates?
> No, you can simply modify your local /etc/systemd/system/nginx.service
> file to specify a local startup policy.

Inside all containers on all hardware nodes? Manually?

And same way this bug should be fixed by all other OpenVZ users?


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