Workaround of race condition between systemd and nginx.

Artem S. Povaluhin artem.povaluhin at
Wed Dec 30 22:44:43 UTC 2015


On 12/30/2015 11:40 PM, Daniel K. wrote:
> I never said it wasn't. I just wanted to express what I had pulled out
> of my hat based on reading the log you provided. That way you can see if
> I'm completely off track, and tell me, and other readers can get the
> context of the conversation more easily.
the context is simple.
>>> And that, due to using systemd, the nginx service gets started before
>>> the network-interface have been configured with the IP address shown.
>> Yes. And nginx failed to start with *correct* config.
> Well, syntactically correct, and logically correct is not the same thing.
why this config is correct everywhere except systemd,

> Your config makes nginx try to bind to a non-assigned IP address, which
> fails. A logical error in your config files.
> You have two options to fix it.
>>> 1) Allow non-local binds
and we have to hack the OS
>>> 2) Configure nginx to listen to *:80
or change it,

in order to not to misconfigure systemd
because of sombody's recommendations?


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