dev plans for pcre2 and sha>256?

grantksupport at grantksupport at
Wed Jan 21 18:20:47 UTC 2015


current nginx ver 1.7.9 can be easily linked against a local libpcre,

	ldd /usr/local/sbin/nginx | grep libpcre => /usr/local/lib64/ (0x00007f4f6bce6000)

no issues/problems.

when is support for pcre2 currently slotted in nginx devel?  either for libpcre2-posix, or libpcre2_8 directly?


nginx's current config options include

  --with-md5=DIR                     set path to md5 library sources
  --with-md5-opt=OPTIONS             set additional build options for md5
  --with-md5-asm                     use md5 assembler sources

  --with-sha1=DIR                    set path to sha1 library sources
  --with-sha1-opt=OPTIONS            set additional build options for sha1
  --with-sha1-asm                    use sha1 assembler sources

admitting I'm not clear on the scope of usage of these crypto libs within the app, 'elsewhere' it's widely recommended to abandon use of sha1, and similarly nd5 -- tho less widely so.

Should there be a option for replacement with, sha256/384/512?

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