[PATCH] geoip_check_cache option

Novy, Ondrej Ondrej.Novy at firma.seznam.cz
Tue Jul 21 13:23:32 UTC 2015


21. 7. 2015 v 15:13, Valentin V. Bartenev <vbart at nginx.com<mailto:vbart at nginx.com>>:
What's the problem with signaling nginx to reload configuration?

It’s use-case problem for us.

We have geoip-data (deb) package, which contains GeoIP database. This package is universal, and don’t know usage of contained database. It’s not logical to do ngnix reload in post-install script in this package, because it’s general package. Auto reload of database is better solution in this situation.

I'm asking because you're suggesting a patch that adds another configuration
option which potentially can affect performance.

that’s true. But shouldn’t this decision be on admin? If it’s option in GeoIP lib, why not allow to use it in nginx?

Ondřej Nový
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