automated portable sanity tests for nginx

Alexey Melezhik melezhik at
Fri Sep 4 17:48:07 UTC 2015

Hi all!

I have created a simple test suite for nginx sanity checks:

- install nginx from source code
- install/run fast cgi service
- configure/run nginx
- check if nginx proxies fast server correctly
- check nginx landing page is accessible

This is automated test suite written on SWAT - bash/perl DSL for web
application smoke testing.
To install and run checks are as simple as installing curl and then
installing swat::nginx cpan module:

sudo apt-get install curl
sudo cpanm swat::nginx

swat swat::nginx # run tests

For real integration example  please take a look at travis job -

SWAT home page -
SWAT/nginx test suite page -

PS I someone found this interesting we could talk about further
project evolution ( more test cases, etc )



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