[PATCH]add proxy_protocol_port variable for rfc6302

junpei yoshino junpei.yoshino at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 17:12:21 UTC 2016


Thank you for your information and for reading my code.

I took a mistake.
You are right.

Forwarded header is good.
I rewrite patch.

which is better way ?
"real_ip_from Forwarded" replace remote_addr and remote_port.
And proxy_protocol also replace remote_addr and remote_port, too.

"real_port_from Forwarded" replace port only.
ip and port is independent.
Also proxy protocol must configure real_ip_from and real_port_from.

At first, not care Forwarded header.
delete code related x-forwarded-port.
support only custom http header including port number.

4. another way

Best Regards,
Junpei Yoshino

On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 12:30 AM, Maxim Dounin <mdounin at mdounin.ru> wrote:
> Hello!
> On Sat, Apr 02, 2016 at 10:48:42PM +0900, junpei yoshino wrote:
>> Hi
>> I wrote additional patch.
>> support port information in realip module.
>> if you use "real_port_header X-Forwarded-Port;"
>> or "real_port_header proxy_protocol;",
>> $remote_port and $realip_remote_port are replaced.
> I don't think that X-Forwarded-Port is a good idea:
> - where seen, it's used for other purposes - to indicate _server_
>   port of a load balancer, not client port;
> - it should be easily possible to use the same header to pass to
>   both addresses and ports; this is how it is defined in RFC
>   7239 for the Forwarded header, and we can use something similar at
>   least for custom headers.
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