[PATCH 1 of 2] rpm: Fixed incorrect change log day of the week

原和久 khara at sios.com
Thu Dec 15 01:05:26 UTC 2016


> This patch committed, thanks, second one was not as we have no
> plans to support fedora.

Thank you for the merge.
and I understood about support of fedora.

# I'm interested in using mainline version with fedora.
# But fedora is fast to update, therefore also understand that
# maintenance are many hardships...

> Just curious: how did you find that?

I found it when I watching Mercurial page.
hg.nginx.org/nginx -> Mercurial(Page Top Link) -> pkg-oss

Thanks and regards.

Kazuhisa Hara <khara at sios.com>
Software Engineer
OSS Technology Center
Engineering Department
SIOS Technology, Inc.
Tel. +81-3-6401-5117

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