[BF] wrong value of cache max-size in workers

Sergey Brester serg.brester at sebres.de
Wed Jun 15 13:51:57 UTC 2016

> Thanks, looks like a valid win32-related problem. See below for
> comments about the patch.

And why you come to this conclusion?

> As this is a win32-only problem, please clearly describe this in
> commit log. E.g., use "Win32: " prefix in the summary line.
> Please also describe that this is win32-specific. Alternatively,
> please use "Cache: " prefix. Also, please use full sentences,
> including dots.

Well, I think, by merging you can modify the commit message as you like 
(I renounce the authorship of messsage;)))

> More hints can be found here:
> http://nginx.org/en/docs/contributing_changes.html [1]

I known this paper (I'm not a first time here) ...

BTW. With this kind of handling with contributors I understand the 
people, that sometimes or never more want to post anything to the 

> This empty line looks unneded for me. YMMV.

If you'll look at source code you will see this was done exactly as in 2 
another blocks contains this code piece (one above and one bellow). I've 
done it, just thus looks like as in the rest of the code.

Regards, sebres

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