Fix for issue 857: RFC-7230 compliant forwarding of client certificates

Flemming Frandsen at
Thu Nov 24 13:15:17 UTC 2016

Hi, I've been bitten by issue 857:

I terminate TLS in nginx, but I need access to the full client certificate
in the backend, so to that end I've been using $ssl_client_cert, but now
I've upgraded the application to a version that is RFC 7230 compliant and
that means blowing up when multi-line headers are seen.

As there's no reason to have newlines in a PEM file, my fix for #857 is to
remove all the newlines, as my PEM parser in the application already
ignores all newlines this works perfectly for me.

I think simply removing the newlines is a much better solution than url
encoding the newlines as less code (in my case none at all) is needed to
deal with no newlines than urldecoding.

Flemming Frandsen - YAPH - -
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