Default server block for HTTP requests

AKSHAYAA MOHAN akshayaamohan05 at
Tue Oct 4 16:34:16 UTC 2016


We have configured default server block as follows.

server {
    listen 7777 default_server;
    server_name _;
    access_log /usr/share/nginx/access_logs/7777;
    error_log /usr/share/nginx/error_logs/7777 warn;
    server_tokens off;
    underscores_in_headers on;
    return 444;

When trying to access the HTTP endpoint with this port, the default server
block is always getting picked up although there is an exact match server

This does not happen for SSL requests. The default server block configured
for non ssl and ssl differ only w.r.t ssl directives. Not sure what we are
missing here. Please help.

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