[Q]: Why nginx stop feeding content to a custom filter module after processing 64K of data?

Andrey Kulikov amdeich at gmail.com
Mon Feb 6 17:16:56 UTC 2017


> You are not freeing the buffers passed, but rather hold them for
> an infinite time in your filter.  As a result once output_buffers
> are exhausted, the process stalls waiting for you to free some
> buffers.

Thanks for pointing out!
I'll try to fix this issue...

> (Note well that your filter misuses NGX_HTTP_SUB_BUFFERED flag.
> This will cause undefined behaviour if the filter is used with the
> sub filter.)

Is there are more elegant solution to achieve desired functionality?
Without patching nginx sources by adding new NGX_HTTP_*_BUFFERED constant?
There is only limited number of slots available, and if not with sub
filter, it may cause incompatibility with
other external modules, if they happens to use the same bit.


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