[PATCH] Contrib: update vim syntax script

OOO othree at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 15:24:04 UTC 2017


2017-02-20 22:39 GMT+08:00 Maxim Dounin <mdounin at mdounin.ru>:
> Hello!
> On Mon, Feb 20, 2017 at 12:26:52PM +0800, OOO wrote:
>> The reason I send all changes in one patch is that
>> I thought Vim syntax is very minor part of the entire repository.
>> So I want to reduce commit.
>> It's ok to send separate commits.
> I certainly don't want you to send all the commits from your git
> repository as separate patches, but providing separate patches for
> different major changes will simplify the review.  Thanks.

Of course, I just created a new repo to doing this.


>> * iskeyword
>> I don't really know why the original author want to change iskeyword.
>> What I can confirm is, this is for URL.
>> Several months ago, I think I figure out why, but I cant remember the
>> reason now.
> It may make sense to ask the author directly (cc'd).
> To Evan: could you please comment on this?  Thanks!
>> And iskeyword will change behavior of syntax highlight, but only for
>> `syntax keyword`.
>> I use `.` in keyword for TLSv1.1.
>> So I suggest keep them if possible.
>> Use `syntax iskeyword` in syntax file.
>> And move iskeyword to ftplugin.
> Ok, this make sense for at least "." then.
>> I don't want to use the existing `&iskeyword` value like:
>>     exe "syn iskeyword ".&iskeyword.",.,/,:"
>> Is because this value might be modified by other script or user.
>> It might breaks syntax highlight.
> Ok, agree.  Is the distinction between win32 / non-win32 is needed
> then?  Just using something like "@,48-57,_,.,/,:" might be a
> better option.

This is default option value on Vim's document



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